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If you want to make a tapper for the song “Jesus is Knocking” here are some simple instructions.

  • Cut out a rectangular board from 16mm plywood. The board should be about 180 x 100mm.

  • Cut a cube of pine or other timber with 40mm square sides

  • Cut a piece of string long enough to swing block to make the tapping noise

  • Drill a hole in the bottom corner of the board to pass the string holding the block through.

  • Drill a hole through the centre of the tapping block

  • Using the string join the block to the board

  • You can also attach string at the top to hang the board around your neck (so the heart is where your heart is)

  • Paint a heart or a door on a heart for you to tap on (art is not my thing so I am sure you can do better!)

  • Play the song and tap along!


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