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            The J Team!

This collection of songs was inspired by a desire for kids
to have fun learning clear biblical truths.
Children are so impressionable. They are so trusting. This can be good and bad.
I believe children need to hear early and clearly the truth of God's word;
that God made them, that He loves them and that He wants them to know Him.




The J Team CD contains many different themes.

God Rocks!

That God is awesome, that He is in control and best of all - He loves us!

The New Universe

Heaven is the answer to a world that lacks the things we are looking for.

Christmas is all about Jesus
There is a scripted play and song about how Santa might really feel about Christmas
(if you can't stop Santa you might as well use him!)
New Life!

That's what Easter means

This is how I talk to God

Friendship with God is about talking to Him and listening to Him

Love God with all your heart

To make God number 1 ... NOT 2!

And lots of other catchy songs!! You can try a sample below


Audio Samples

God Rocks!


King of All Things


Jesus is Powerful


Love God


The J Team