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My name is Tom Connally.

I live in the small historic town of Wilberforce New South Wales about 50 kilometres west of Sydney, Australia. I live with my wife Lisa and 2 of my 4 children who are in their teens. I have been attending St Johns Anglican Church for around 25 years.



As a teenager in youth I had always enjoyed singing but was introduced to playing an instrument at about 19, the most reluctant of guitarists! Nevertheless I was immediately hooked and pursued it passionately. I wrote a fairly cringe worthy song in my first week but have always believed that my calling was to create songs that reflect my faith. Without an accurate count I suppose I have written a couple of hundred songs over the last 30 years.



I believe in One God who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
I believe in the Bible as the true and complete word of God.
I believe we are all created in God's image but are tainted by sin. God is holy and by nature cannot tolerate our sin. But because of his love and choice he sent Jesus to pay the price for our sin by dying the death we deserve.
I believe Jesus to be fully God and the only way to know God the Father. Jesus is the perfect and only means of forgiveness.

He wants us to acknowledge him as Lord in trust and obedience and spend our lives getting to know him and model our lives in his image.